Everyone has a purpose!


Not one person on this earth is a mistake! It’s society and the media that makes us think we are not worthy of being just as we are. We seek outside of ourselves when in reality, it’s all within us. We want someone, something to make us happy. I can’t imagine that another human being wants to be with someone that is needy, someone that needs someone else to “complete them”.

We all have within us to be great, and do great things, be all we can be, as cliche as that sounds. We are squashed by self esteem, family, and other outside influences that keep us from achieving who we really are.

Women are so powerful, we are givers of life, yet we give up our power to gain something we think is better. What could be better than being an incredible human being, and still have time and life for love, and all that follows.

Everyone has a gift, find yours!

Empower yourselves by knowing who you are what you love to do and build on that. Build on one tiny thing that makes you who you are outside of your house, kids, spouse, significant other, and there you will find THE TRUE YOU!!!