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Art inspires the soul

Art is such a great way to express yourself! I knew I wanted to draw a cross, what kind of cross and design was not clear until I began filling in the color. I knew I wanted the center to be my favorite color – turquoise! Other than the center, the cross took on a life of its own. When I began filling in the color the edges started to need to be prickly like cactus, it made sense so I continued this effect. As I continued the center needed to flare and or glow somehow, hence the red center explosion! As I was adding color I felt as though the art was leading my hand. I had no idea what it would look like or what I would do! The end result is what it was meant to be.

I think about Jesus being hammered to the cross and how every inch of the cross must have felt like laying on a cactus hence the prickly edges. As the center came to life it made me think of how his blood was shed on the cross for us.

The Turquoise is the protection and the color of love ❤❤❤❤❤as I see it 🙂




Artwork by Marina Castillo

 Arbol by Marina CastilloEaster EggEaster EggsPainting session 1Easter Eggs
Painting session 2Ancestors among usPainting session 3 Dream Catchers by Marina CastilloDream Catchers by Marina Castillo
Dream Catcher by Marina CastilloCeramic mania early 90'ssignature on the bottom of my Ceramic Loon :)Ceramic Loon by Marina Castillo 1991This is the bottom of the 6 inch loon with the baby on its back.Ceramic Loon by Marina Castillo 1991
It's time once again!!!!!!!!!Feeling inspired!!!

Artwork by Marina Castillo, a set on Flickr.

I do like creating it appears 🙂

Via Flickr:
I love painting and crafty stuff. Over the years I have sketched people, places with chalk and pencil. I have painted with oils, water, acrylic. I have made dream catchers, beaded small items, I have made many ceramic pieces. I used to love to make coil vases. I draw and paint any chance I get. Today I am thinking I may have missed my calling. Perhaps I should have gone into ART as a career. 3-22-2012

Acrylic by Marina Castillo

It started out that I wanted to create some sort of burst of color to express how I feel inside. As I painted this burst and held the canvas as I turned it to create a circular burst it turned into a heart! It was meant to be a heart I guess. I do love heart 🙂 They seem to find me wherever I go! ❤