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I have a few jewelry items I treasure 🙂

Via Flickr:
Just a few items Marisa Martinez – Meztiza designs has created for me 🙂

Other things I have purchase here and there!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!


What does one do when they don’t feel like they belong. Born In an impoverished border town, to poor parents who struggled to get by. They struggled to raise their kids to make ends meet.

I immigrated when I was 4-5 years old without the English language, without knowledge of what was ahead for this poor Mexican Family who would struggle to live in a country that needs you to change your culture, your roots. In order to be accepted and treated as an equal.

I have lived I Mexico, Arizona, California, North Dakota, Minnesota and when I return to what seems to be my home in California. It no longer feels like home. I find myself wondering what’s ahead for this Mexicana with rich Mexican roots who has assimilated to white ways, white culture. I struggled for most of my life wondering why I wasn’t white and priviledged, like a lot of my friends, why I had to live in poverty, not having what other kids had.

Today I am rich in spirituality but feeling a bit lost in belonging I could write for days the way I’m feeling right now thanx to a friend who laughed at a few stories I told about growing up Mexicana. 6-26-12

I go through a metamorphosis every 10 years and I think that’s what I’m currently experiencing. I need to be me!

How can one human being hurt another to the point where they take what you thought was comfort, sense of belonging, love, passion.  I would rather spend the rest of my life alone, being who I am than to have someone take that from me.  Not a good feeling.  I am a very positive person, but sometimes…

Through a series of events and people today my day will end at an Indian drumming ceremony.  It’s comsmic.

Worked at the Naval Weapon Station for a few years late teens into early twenties.

A great day for great things!!!