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Spiritual Dreams

Sent from my iPad 2 :)Dreamed of my deceased brother last night Elias Castillo Jr. (Juni). He had a message for me that included money through Asian friends he was connected with that were gang members. The woman (Asian) who knew my brother and was holding money he left behind said he had left me a large sum of money she wrote down a large number 143,000.000. I cried for my brother my baby brother. I woke up with tears in my eyes. I wondered why the number was so specific 143. Then I remembered that’s my address and that a acronym for I Love You. The letter I has 1 letter, Love has 4 and You has 3 hence I love you. It made me smile. My current address has my dad and brothers name in the street address. Elias was their names. My address is 143 Isabel if you move the letters around there you will find their names. Not sure what the “B” stands for. One day I shall find out. It was a good and bad dream because I miss my brother, and because I don’t often think of him and it made me think of him. I pray for his soul. May he be in gods hands and find the peace he always sought. Amen. ❤



Driving to Northern Minnesota – Embarrass, Minnesota to be exact. Just got on road and there he was guiding the way. What a nice way to start this holiday.

We are often so rushed to get the turkey in the oven, make sure everything is perfect for the festivities that we actually forget to start with a thank you! Thank you sun for giving us life! Thank you water for giving us life. Thank you creator for allowing us another day on this earth.