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Secrets of the Vatican

Frontline revealed the culture of a Vatican few outsiders have seen, plagued by corruption, cover-ups and ruthless power struggles.

A secret society, a boys club, shelter, homosexuality, cover, a place where they can hide and do at will what society deams wrong or not of god.  I was not aware historically of Rome’s secret society, the cover ups and long historical perversion that the Vatican and previous popes have hushed.  This naive girl from Tijuana goes to Rome,  she is very excited to see the ruins of the Colosseum, Vatican, Cathedral, Michelangelo paintings, all of the architecture and then some.  Something not many people know about this girl is that she feels and senses things most people do not.  So as I am walking around Rome, instantly I get this disgusting vibe, a feeling an unsettling feeling that there was or is a lot of ugliness in Rome.  Perhaps I should have done my homework.  Every church we entered every piece of artwork has the energy of the perversion and molestation of young boys.  Every church we entered as beautiful as they are, I could not wait to take my pictures, snap the shots and find the nearest EXIT.  I can’t say I have ever felt so uncomfortable especially in a church. 

I recently watched a show on FRONTLINE: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/religion/secrets-of-the-vatican/inside-the-closed-world-of-the-vatican-live-chat-wed-230-pm-et/rontline where they talked about the secrets of the Vatican and surrounding areas, the priests that host gay parties and they actually showed with hidden camera the priests carrying on with other men and then putting on their robe after their swaray ended.  It all started to make sense the more I watched the show, everything I was feeling and sensing and at times envisioning while in ROME.  I often doubt my abilities, but when they are that strong, so strong that I get visions, I should go with my gut. 

So many children molested and lives ruined because of this secret society, they know because its known in their circles and the rest of us are clueless.  I recently heard a friend say that “Divinity school is like the new black” that everyone and their brother is going to school to be a priest, I thought that was an odd statement, but maybe not!

I do not put people down for their beliefs or sexual preference, but when it hurts children and ruins lives, there is something very wrong with our world that looks up to priest and anyone outside of themselves for forgiveness and love.  We are all people of god and no one person should ever have power over another in the sense that they are “closer to god”. 



Europe 2012

Trevi Fountain - Rome, ItalyDallas Texas Airport   Dallas Texas - Popeyes - Po Boy chicken sandwich yums

Europe 2012, a set on Flickr.


This trip was an incredible experience. Full of nature, art, museums, rivers, castles, autumn color, many languages, religeon, culture, people, travel, famous structures and so much more.

I was not prepared for the people’s lack of affect, rigidity, conservativeness, so frigid seeming. I can’t describe what I felt when I was in Germany, it’s as if they had seen a ghost at times when they looked at me. One would whisper to another, the other looks back at me to see what her friend was talking about. Yes, maybe at times it had to do with my wearing shorts. People in Germany cover up head to toe it seems, very concealed. So drab in their appearance.

Sometimes I felt as though I had traveled back in time as I entered new little village looking towns that took but a second to go through. The houses still look like they were built hundreds of years ago, with attached barns and car ports that looked like old barns converted into garages.

I just wanted to see one piece of trash on the road on the ground. That would not happen in Germany, too clean, too sterile. Although the houses and barns are old, everyone seems to live by the same code. The code is everyone keeps everything clean, neat, and organized. Very early in the morning you see older people out cleaning, raking, doing outdoor chores, wiping the sidewalk with a special sidewalk sweeper that most seem to have.

Cobble stone roads, very narrow roads line the streets of every town. No cemented areas. It appears they do no like the permanence of cement. Not sure the reason, but one thing is clear, Europe loves their cobble stone roads. I was hoping to find out why their roads are built so narrow, so narrow that at times only one car is able to pass. I heard the reason for the narrow roads is to protect the environment and not build too much around the wooded areas and country. I do like that reasoning as America builds wherever able, with little to no regard for nature at times.

Their wooded areas are so vast and awe inspiring that I felt as though I had died and gone to heaven. I couldn’t possibly explain how beautiful their forests are. Breathtaking is a good way to describe it, and just when you think you are in the most beautiful place, another place is even more beautiful. The beauty in Germany is never ending. They certainly have done something right when it comes to nature.

My friend said that Germans are very green, they like to protect their environment and recycle as well as eat healthy. We went to several grocery stores and it is very evident that they like good produce and healthy foods. The bread isle alone was never ending and loaded with healthy breads made of a variety of grains. I did not see any white bread!!! Their yogurt isles are quite impressive they like their various yogurts and healthy blends as well. I was not impressed with how much they love PORK, yucky. They do eat a lot of pork. They have entire isles of pork sausages and links and you name it I should have photographed their pork isles yogurt, and breads. it was kind of scary to pay for something and not understand German and no one around knew English!!!

Germany or Europe in general was such a whirlwind for me. Three weeks of non stop go go go!!!

So much to write about, will add a lot more later.