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Every day brings new inspiration, new challenges, new LOVE, love of all things nature and things that inspire me to be creative. I have creativity oozing out of me and sometimes don’t know what to do with it. I have so many friends who are artists who delve in many medias. I sometimes think that I need to stick to photography, but then I am constantly working on something non photography like mexican gift boxes with loteria designs, paintings using acrylics, artsy crafty stuff, its constant and never ending. Maybe I just need studio space where I can have all of my artwork and just do whatever I feel for that day lol. My mind doesn’t stop thinking creatively ever! Meanwhile, I have to pay the bills, make money to survive and my art gets put aside. That cash cow will come and when I least expect it will believe in my work and I will no longer have to worry about having to teach, counsel, or pay bills. When you dream, dream big 🙂 There’s my secret, I am a dreamer!!!!!!!!!!!



Marina Castillo Photography

My picture in Voice and La Voz (St.Paul Publishing)