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California June 16-2012

 CaliforniaAt Castillo Villa in Home Gardens, CAFather's day visit to dad's grave 6-17-12Father's day visit to dad's grave 6-17-12Lake Mathews Regional Reserve

california 2012, a set on Flickr.

I miss so much about California!!! I wish I could come and go. I need my own plane, pilot, and house by the beach. When you dream, dream big right!!!!

Angels surround us, they pray with us, they light the way when guiding us. There have been people in my life that have guided me to grow in the way of career, artistic creativity, and spirituality just to name a few.

A few years ago I had a much needed massage, I had so many aches and pains I wasn’t sure where to begin when asked what I wanted done. She was amazingly healing not only with the massage. Her hands felt like butter on my aching body. I had a great healing experience, felt great and returned many months later.

This time I asked about Reiki and what she knew about this healing approach. She was very familiar with it, so I went for it. The best way to describe this experience is spiritual, higher level of consciousness! I felt a love that enveloped me I had never felt before. I sensed and saw angels surrounding me creating a tunnel like space that felt warm and so protective. Today I could draw this vision as it is still very clear in my mind. I will never forget the experience years followed, years of joy that made me feel sooooo loved and protected.

Yesterday I had a hodge podge of things worked on and done at the spa. This time I opted for stone therapy which I never imagined would feel like electrifying warm glowing purple firing as the stones moved across my back. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have previously had stones places on back without massage.

I didn’t realize that my experience was unique and that each persons experience is different. I’m a whimp for pain, but with the stones it wasn’t possible to hurt me or apply too much pressure, it felt so perfect that I asked her to press as hard as she was able. I felt one with the stones if that’s possible.

She worked on right shoulder and arm which is always sore from my photoshoots, computer work and art. Once again her hands felt like butter, more like she was touching me with a cotton ball. Suddenly my arm felt elevated as if her cotton warm hand was guiding it to raise above my side. She was doing Reiki. The pained shoulder and arm felt weightless. In fact, my whole body felt elevated I felt light as a feather and did not feel I was on top of massage table. As my arm felt elevated the angel showed up on right arm hovering over it surrounded by a purple color in a long flowing white gown no wings I might add lol. It kind of felt like her hand became the angel or her angel was guiding her hand.

I’ve not delved into the world of angels, but I truly believe they exist. Each time I’ve seen this lady for a healing massage I’ve left feeling as though her angels that guide her had a big part in my healing.

I know there are millions of Angel stories out there, I have a few more to add and will do so in this blog. Feels good to write this story. Can’t wait to hear other people’s stories and continue this Angels journaling.


Happy Thanksgiving 2012Frosty grass for Thanksging. 2007Frosted Thanksgvings 2007FROSTED Thanksgiving 2007BLACK ANGUS 101Icey Roads Wednesday night - Thanksgiving 2007
HENRY #101 - 2007Thanksgiving -SUNRISE ON THE FARM - 11-22-07Spa Time!!! 2012 In Ely, MNEly, Minesota -  Thanksgiving 2012Wolves of MinnesotaInternational Wolf Center. Ely, Minnesota 11-23-12 - Let's check out the new wolves.
Knuti Farm horses.  11-22-12Sanders positioned herself perfectly. 11-23-12Time for the winter boots. 11-23-2012Look what Wyatt made me this morning.Black Angus Farm. Embarrass, MinnesotaFirst Snow 11-23-12
Snowy Thanksgiving 11-22-12 in Embarrass, Minnesota - Bridger and Wyatt shoveling.Barn cat on a snow Thanksgiving night. Poor kitty "Mo"Thanksgiving 11-22-2012Arrived at the farm. Embarrass, Minnesota.Gilbert, #mn #minnesota #minnesotanice #unitedstates #travel #happythanksgiving #boundarywaters #bwca suddenly these small towns make sense.  Remind of towns in Europe.  The buildings and the people lol.Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving Up North 2007-2012

Ely WolfLobo BlancoWho's watching whom?  Quien mira a quien?Wolf  ~  Happy Friday!!!The look ~ La Mirada
Wild WolfLobo ~ WolfLoboWolf BluesUNHAPPY WOLF - ELY, MINNESOTAWolf
Ely WolfFAB FRIDAY!!!Artic Wolf, LoboWolf PlayHave a lovely Monday Amigos - Feliz Lunes a todos!Ely Wolf - Chicago bound today.
Enjoying Earth's Biggest Snowcone ~ Christiaan_25~Arctic Wolf ~I know what you're thinking!Happy Monday!  Feliz Lunes!If eyes could speak!Lobos de Minnesota

Wolves – Lobos, a set on Flickr.

Wolves of Minnesota. They’re such interesting mysterious creatures. I’ll never get enough of them!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Everyday we’re alive is a day of thanksgiving. May your day be filled with love, food, and more love. Love and light to all.

What an interesting place Rome is. People everywhere, I felt like a sardine in a tin can. I had to lose myself in my photography and forget that every inch of Rome is covered with cars and people. So much to see surrounded by too many energies. I love people, but the energy in Rome is such that you wonder why everyone is drawn to such a place that feels so cold and rigid. I love the photography but when you enter these “Holy places”. The feeling is so frigid. It’s hard to describe but will do so. Stay tuned. :). These are just a few things I picked up in Roma, Italia.


puerta roja en alemaniapuerta en alemaniapuerta en alemaniaGermany SunflowersGermany sunflowersGermany sunflowers
Perspective drawing today's lesson in art class.  Finished!!! 11-20-12I live, breathe art, all art!!! Today's class lesson, perspective drawing. 11-20-12. Students did well ✏ is what a kid does when I turn my back!  He piles the Mexican Sweet Bread and Mexican Hot Chocolate and says "I call this plate". Funny this is the bread and chocol11-19-12. Greeting our sun  Turquoise Door in FrancePanoramic  view of Saint Paul, MN
Mississippi River view of Saint Paul, MinnesotaMississippi River from Harriet Island view of Saint Paul.Jalapeño infused bacon then you bacon and jalapeño infuse refried beans!Of course it's Post #5 :). Honoring our Minnesota Mexicanos at Harriet Island Plaza De Honor.Plaza De Honor on Harriet Islandhonors Mexicanos who served the US. Nice job Saint Paul, MN ❤My beautiful city
❤❤❤❤❤Sacred Rocks used in sweatlodge. <3 my rocks <3<3<3<3<3 ❤Morning Walk 11-17-12Europa 2012Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo in vatican museum

Everyone has their own dreams, goals, desires. Love and all things will follow 🙂 Its the little things in life that make me happy like this field of dreams:


A favorite photo on Island River

A great day of reflection and friends.  Some great advice and support for my creative spirit.  Looking forward to finishing a few books and starting a new one that is dying to be written!!!

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